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At J & J Spirits we made it our mission to bring authentic production methods into the 21st century. Every drink, every product, and every brand starts off with the highest quality rum that is made from pure sugar cane juice rather than molasses. 

The benefits of rum made from pure sugar cane juice are simple:


We start of by selecting freshly harvested, lush green, premium-quality sugar cane. 

Sugar cane in the Dominican Republic grows on ancient volcanic soil with gives it a rich, sweet and full-bodied flavor that makes the perfect base for a high-quality rum. 

In our selection process we make sure to pick only the best and perfectly ripened stalks to add a rich flavor profile to all our rums. 


Next we extract and filter the sugar cane juice to remove all impurities. This careful mastication process ensures our rums ferment on the purest, cleanest baseline.

Because we use sugar cane as the base of our rums rather than molasses, you will experience a smoother, richer flavor profile with a hint of sweet.

The purer and sweeter the sugar cane juice, the better the rum will be. 

And that’s what sets our brands apart.


Then we proceed to our unique, proprietary distillation process. 

During this step we maintain the tradition of authentic rum production while complying with international health and quality regulations.

That’s how we are able to provide authentic rums with its depth of flavor while being able to scale production to service modern market demands.

The result is smooth, velvety rum with a sweet undertone available at scale.


Finally our rum moves into genuine white oak barrels for careful maturation for up to 10 years. 

The time-honored tradition of meticulously aging our rums in premium white oak barrels provides an unparalleled richness and exceptional taste. 

It’s the secret to our smooth, velvety texture and our rich, golden color. 

Plus, you’ll experience a symphony of complex flavor from a hint of vanilla to subtle toffee and spice, with a slight smoky undertone.


Last but not least, in our state of the art bottling process that complies with international quality standards.

After up to 10 years of aging and fermentation in traditional white oak bottles, our premium rums make their way into our custom designed bottles right away.

At this stage, we also blend our premium rums with natural flavors to achieve our exclusive flavored rum that are carefully crafted by our Master Blender.

At the end, you are not only getting some of the smoothest rum beverages available today… but you receive them in stunning bottles and manufactured at international quality standards.

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