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Last Updated: May 2024

Welcome to jjspirits.com, your destination for exploring our diverse range of services and products. We use cookies to improve your interaction with our site and enhance the usability of our services.

Please refer to our Privacy Policy for detailed information on our data handling practices.

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What is a Cookie?

Cookies are small text files placed on your device that uniquely identify your browser or device. They are used by sites to remember your device on subsequent visits, enhancing your experience by maintaining session continuity and personal preferences. Our site also uses pixels, tiny code snippets, to track interactions and refine our advertising, aligning it more closely with your needs.

Cookies enable smooth navigation between pages, remember your preferences, and ensure the ads you see are tailored to your interests. They may be set by us (first-party cookies) or by third-party advertisers (third-party cookies).

Types of Cookies and Their Usage

Our website employs various cookies, each with specific functions:

  • Strictly Necessary Cookies: Essential for website operation and security, these do not store personal information but are crucial for site functionality.
  • Performance Cookies: These help us understand user behavior and site performance, enhancing content by analyzing popular and less frequented pages. The data collected is aggregated and anonymous.
  • Functional Cookies: Aimed at personalizing your browsing experience by remembering your settings and preferences, these may be set by us or third-party providers.
  • Targeting Cookies: Placed by advertising partners, these build a profile of your interests to deliver relevant ads across different sites, tracking your device and browser usage.
  • Social Media Cookies: These are set by social media services on our site and may track your browsing activity to tailor content and ads on other sites. Disabling these may affect your social sharing capabilities.

Managing Cookies

You have control over cookies through your browser settings, allowing you to block or delete them as per your privacy preferences. Note that altering cookie settings can affect the stored preferences and functionality of our website.

Retention Period

Cookies are stored on your device for up to 24 months from their initial placement, ensuring functionality without compromising privacy.

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For questions or feedback regarding our cookie policy, please reach out to us at info@jjspirits.com.

This policy is subject to updates to reflect changes in our use of cookies. Significant changes will be communicated via policy updates or other appropriate channels.

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